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Qui est le plus Grand?

The Church of Christ organize neither the annual congresses, neither conferences; they do not have the official organ of the press. At the same time, independent congregations cooperate in cases such as the content of orphanages and homes for the elderly, participating in joint missionary activities, etc. However, each community participation in such activities is a matter of strictly voluntary and no person or group of persons do not define the activities of the churches of Christ, and do not take decision having effect for other congregations.

What is our community and why it was created

The Church is a family, the family of the people who took God into life, into heart, into mind. We believe that God created all of us with the aim we looked for Him , know Him, love and praise Him. All loving Him God joined together into one family, named the Church, so that none of the believers in Him was not alone in this world.

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The Church of Christ have nothing to do with organizational puts modern bureaucracy. For example, the Church of Christ is not burdened by higher governing bodies, neither regional, nor regional, nor national-they have no earthly Headquarters or other Steering Center.