It was a time of wonderful times with God, an opportunity to meet new friends and spend time with the old. Glorify God together in singing and other inspirational times.



On the first day of spring, we had a wonderful time "Mother-daughter". Jean Jones has kindly provided her home for this program. It was a delicious meal, communion, quiz, crafts and amazing atmosphere special time.


At the end of February was a great time for fathers and sons, when they had a tour around the stadium "Sportèdž" quest in the Park and picnic. Famiies became closer to each other have remained happy.

In April we all particularly celebrated the victory of Jesus Christ over death! Christ's disciples having come to his tomb, saw that it was empty. "He is not here, he is risen. Remember what he told you, while still being in the Galilee. That the son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of sinners and crucified "

In the world there are about 2O thousand congregations, calling themselves the "Church of Christ" with the total number of parishioners, fluctuating in the range of 2.5 - 3 million. There is a small congregation, consisting of only a few parishioners, and huge community, countable by thousands of members.


Sharing the Gospel


From 23 to 27 June an urban Tiger camp has been held. A wonderful time, which inspired and mobilized all its participants.God supported us despite disappointing forecasts, still most days were clear and weather did not spoil our camp.

We invite all tigers to the Christian camp "A Big Difference". On the shore of the Red Sea, in the ecologically clean region, we are waiting for the fresh sea air, warm estuary with clear salt water. Amazing evening sunsets, the morning.


The True Religion

Members of the Church of Christ represent a community of reborn spiritual people, who passionately want to recreate in our days, the original Church, which tells us the New Testament about.